About DTU Nutech

DTU Nutech continues the mission as Denmark’s national competence center for nuclear technologies from the former Risø National Laboratory.

The scientific work is mainly carried out in the following areas:

  • Radioactive drugs for diagnosis and treatment of diseases
  • Production of radioactive isotopes
  • Medical dosimetry
  • Industrial dosimetry
  • Retrospective dosimetry (dating of geological and archaeological samples)
  • Radioecology (transport and uptake of radioactivity in nature)
  • Nuclear preparedness (reactor physics, ionizing radiation and radioactive pollution)

DTU Nutech has a strong tradition of transferring research results into numerous products and services used by industry, hospitals, public authorities, other research institutions and media.

The scientific work is carried out in three research programs:

DTU Nutech has a modern, mechanical workshop carrying out construction and manufacturing of components for advanced research equipment for DTU’s institutes and centers, as well as for external customers:

  • Mechanical Workshop & Construction  


Director: Jens-Peter Lynov