Radiation Physics

The aim of the Radiation Physics Programme is:

  • to improve knowledge and methods in the field of radiation physics and radiation dosimetry
  • to develop new radiation measurement instruments and methods for application in research, industry and medicine
  • to develop methods in radiation protection and in nuclear emergency preparedness

Currently the work includes:

  • Developing luminescence dosimetry methods for retrospective dosimetry including methods for dating of geological deposits
  • Developing dosimetry methods for in-vivo medical dosimetry
  • Establishing a new laboratory for fundamental medical dosimetry
  • Developing models for atmospheric dispersion of radioactivity
  • Developing methods for high-dose dosimetry and operating the accredited Risø High Dose Reference Laboratory

Further details concerning the activities and staff members of the Radiation Physics Programme are found to the left.



Bent Lauritzen
Head of Division
DTU Nutech
+45 46 77 49 06