The aim of the Radioecology Division is:

  • to study the transport and uptake of stable and radioactive substances in the environment
  • to develop methods for assessment of the environmental impact of these substances
  • to apply radioecological and radioanalytical methods and principles for the investigation of general environmental problems.

Currently the work includes:

  • Identification of important mechanisms and physical/chemical forms that determine the transport and impact of radioactive and non-radioactive pollutants in marine and terrestrial ecosystems. The aim is to achieve more realistic risk assessments
  • Implementing ICPMS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) for measurement of stable and long-lived isotopes in environmental samples as a supplement to the radiometric methods used in the programme
  • Maintaining and further developing radiometric measurement capabilities and radioecological expertise of use for national and international authorities and organisations as well as commercial enterprises
  • Developing and applying radioanalytical reference methods for the quantification of elements of significance for health and environment
  • Contributing to the scientific background for safe storage and disposal of radioactive waste

In addition, the programme carries out monitoring of environmental radioactivity in Denmark and around Risø in order to take care of national obligations according to international treaties.

Further details concerning the activities and staff members of the Radioecology Programme are found to the left.



Sven Poul Nielsen
Senior Researcher
DTU Nutech
+45 46 77 53 40