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More than EUR 9 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research

Wednesday 17 Jun 15

DTU receives grants for 17 research projects from the Danish Council for Independent Research.

The grants are awarded with the aim of providing researchers in Denmark the best possible conditions for producing outstanding research results at a high international level.

The grants to DTU fall in three categories: Natural Sciences; Medical Sciences, and Technology and Production Sciences.

 Six grants in the Natural Sciences category goes to the following projects: 

  • ‘Is the ribosome a target for adaptive mutations?’ Grant recipient: Professor Søren Molin, DTU Systems Biology.
  • ‘Sensitivity of glacier dynamics and ice sheet mass change to long-term external forcing – DYNAMIC’ Grant recipient: Associate Professor Shfaqat Abbas Khan, DTU Space.
  • Electronic properties of two-dimentional materials’. Grant recipient: Professor Morten Willatzen, DTU Fotonik.
  • Efficient representation of high-dimensional signals’. Grant recipient: Professor Ole Christensen, DTU Compute.
  • Lateral gene transfer and the evolution of polyketide synthase gene clusters in filamentous fungi’. Grant recipient: Assistant Professor Rasmus John Normand Frandsen, DTU Systems Biology.
  • ‘Decoherence in semiconductor cavity quantum electrodynamics’. Grant recipient: Professor Jesper Mørk, DTU Fotonik

One grant in the 
Medical Sciences category goes to: 

  • Global study of protein phosphorylation during infection with Vibrio cholerae and enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli’. Grant recipient:  Professor Ivan Mijakovic,DTU Systems Biology.

 Ten grants in theTechnology and Production Sciences category goes to:

  • 'Dosimetry for new radiotherapy modalities’. Grant recipient: Senior Scientist Claus Erik Andersen, DTU Nutech.
  • ‘Simulation and Optimization of Fluid Structure Interaction in Bluff Body Aerodynamics’. Grant recipient: Professor Jens Honoré Walther, DTU Mechanical Engineering.
  • 'Novel Biomaterials for Brachytherapy’. Grant recipient: Associate Professor Jonas Rosager Henriksen, DTU Chemistry.
  • 'New Advances in Steady-State Engineering Techniques (NewASSET)’. Grant recipient: Associate Professor Kim Lau Nielsen, DTU Mechanical Engineering.
  • ‘Next Generation Methanol to Formaldehyde Selective Oxidation Catalysts’. Grant recipient: Professor Anker Degn Jensen, DTU Chemical Engineering.
  • ‘Laccase structure-function relations for enzymatic lignin modification’. Grant recipient: Professor Anne Strunge Meyer, DTU Chemical Engineering.
  • ‘Mapping and Characterizing Lipid Oxidation in Emulsified Systems’. Grant recipient: Charlotte Munch Jacobsen, DTU Food.
  • ‘Tuberculosis antibiotic resistance detection on a low-cost plastic chip’. Grant recipient: Associate Professor Mikkel Fougt Hansen, DTU Nanotech.
  • ‘LOISE - Low nOISE supercontinuum sources for ultra-high resolution 800nm optical coherence tomography for glaucoma diagnosis’. Grant recipient: Professor Ole Bang, DTU Fotonik.
  • ‘EDGE - Room temperature ballistic graphene devices’. Grant recipient: Professor Peter Bøggild, DTU Nanotech.

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17 DECEMBER 2018