90Sr source

Radioactive 90Sr/90Y beta source: 90Sr/90Y ceramic source type SIFK, 1.48 GBq (40 mCi) to fit the Risø beta irradiator attachment.

Note: The 90Sr beta source can also be ordered with other activities that the ones listed above. Please con-tact us for a specific quote for this.

 Sample cups /discs

11.65 mm diameter stainless steel sample cups or 9.7 mm diameter flat stainless steel discs


11.65 mm diameter aluminium sample cups

Single grain discs


Special aluminium discs each containing 100 individual grain holes (ø = 300 µm).

Note: These discs can also be ordered with holes of other diameters than 300 µm.
Please contact us for a specific quote for this.


 Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner useable for treatment of single grain discs in order to release trapped grains from sample holes.

• Output tip vibration frequency:30kHz +/- 3kHz
• Output half-excursion force:<2N
• Output primary tip vibration excursion: ≤100μm



Exchangeable sample holders (each designed to hold 48 samples) for 9.7 mm diam. flat sample discs or 11.65 mm diam. sample cups.

PM Tube

Linear, up to 107 counts per second and low dark count EMI 9235QB15 PM tube


 PM Tube incl. housing

Linear, up to 107 counts per second and low dark count EMI 9235QB15 PM tube incl. housing


 Pre-amp upgrade

One pcs. upgrade kit for amplifier updates for TL/OSL reader


New improved MiniSys for the TL/OSL-dating sys-tem.
The MiniSys is built around an industrial PC, whit improved better reliability.


Controller for the Risø Automated TL/OSL Dating System



OSL card for the Controller fof the TL/OSL-system 



XY-PC card enabling the controller to operate the single grain attachment

BG-39 filter


2 mm Schott BG-39
Band pass filter / short pass filter
Ionically colored glass


BG-3 filter

3 mm Schott BG-3
Band pass filter / short pass filter
Ionically colored glass

U340 filter

7,5 mm Hoya U-340.
Ultraviolet Transmitting, Visible Absorbing Filter

Calibration Quartz

1 batch of RISOE calibration quartz, 1/2g, 4.81Gy, 180 - 250 µm

LST Fastfloat

5 litres of LST Fastfloat consisting of low toxicity sodium heteropolytungstates dissolved in water. A high density liquid for laboratory based density separations, supplied at a density of 2.82 g/mL but capable of being used up to a density of 2.95 g/mL at 25 °C. 


Conform to IS 649 (BS 718, DIN 12791, NF B 35511), Calibration temperature:
20 °C, Range: 1,200–1,300 g/ml


Rüsch Silkospray dual purpose silicone spray (500ml can)

Spray Masks


Set containing of one base plate and two masks with holes of 2 mm and 8 mm diameter respectively.


Leybold vacuum pump

Leybold DB4 vacuum pump with an AR 4-8 Exhaust filter

Relay box

Relay box for automatic software control of atmosphere in sample chamber

Vacuum extension tube

One meter flexible steel tube to connect vacuum pump with TL/OSL unit

 Filter holder


Dose Reduction Kit

Dose reduction kit consisting of
rings and spacers which are inserted in between the source and the sample.
It is possible to reduce the activity of the standard 1,48 GBq source by a factor 10 by means of the dose reduction kit.

PC + printer

Personal computer (Pentium 4 PC) with Windows and special application software installed, 19” monitor, UK keyboard, and printer


Beta Irradiator unit

Extra beta irradiator module useful when exchanging between multiple beta sources on the same reader.
(Price is excl. of lead, bottom flange and helmet)

Lift and heating and module


Extra lift and heating module for measuring or irradiation position.


Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) unit

Combined Infrared/Blue Light stimulat-ed luminescence (IRSL/OSL) unit at-tachable to the Risø TL sample changer for IRSL/OSL measurements of a variety of natural and artificial materials. The OSL unit is based on illumination with 1) clusters of 870 nm IR LEDs providing > 135 mW/cm2 at the sample and 2) clusters of 470 nm blue LEDs delivering > 80 mW/cm2 at sample.
Clusters of green 525 nm LEDs can also be provided. The power provided at the sample depends on the number of Green and IR LEDs chosen. (Please contact us for information on possible configurations available).

Upgrade of Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) unit

Old OSL units can be upgraded with new, and more powerful LEDs.This also applies for old OSL units with IR laser thereby making it compatible with the new DA-20 controller. Upgrade includes new glass filters and new feed-back detectors in the OSL-unit.

You may choose between:

- Blue or IR LEDs Upgrade
- Full upgrade (Blue and IR LEDs)



Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) unit for Single Grain analysis

Special IRSL/OSL unit enabling IR/Blue light stimulation of multiple grain samples. This special IRSL/OSL unit makes use of the same diodes and provides the same power intensities on the sample as the standard IRSL/OSL unit. But as it is designed to accommodate the single grain attachment as well, the light collection efficiency is reduced by approximately 40%.

Risø reader upgrade

Upgrade of electronics, valves and mo-tors (incl new control circuit board and new DC motors inside the reader). This will enable two speed rotations, real temperature reading and the cable con-nections will be compatible with the new standard.
18 DECEMBER 2018