Bleaching of samples can be obtained using two different options for the TL/OSL reader:

Bleaching facility – External broadband source

Powerful broadband LED stimulation system for fast bleaching of natural samples.
The Bleaching facility consist of an external high power broadband LED source, FlexiLux 4000. Optical power is 65 W, and colour temperature is 5,800 K. The light source is connected to the reader bleaching position with a liquid light guide and the bleaching may be controlled by the TL/OSL reader software.

Bleaching facility – LED module

This facility contains a powerful Violet LED ( 380-390 nm , 10 W) or UV LED ( 365 nm, 11 W) placed in a special bleaching position that may be used to bleach the samples during a sequence with the Illumination Sequence Editor command. The module is powered by a supply that is built into the Reader, and a connector on the back of the reader connects to the module.
17 DECEMBER 2018