Pulsed OSL

This attachment enables measurement of pulsed optically stimulated luminescence (POSL). In POSL the stimulation light is pulsed and the OSL may be measured in between the pulses. The Pulsed OSL-attachment is a plug-in board to the Risø Controller for the Risø TL/OSL luminescence reader. The pulsing unit gives full control of the power level, adjustable on/off times from 0.6 μs to 10 s and an adjustable gating of the luminescence signal in the off time. The parameters for the pulses are set from the Sequence Editor program.


The unit is e.g. suitable for separating quartz from feldspar OSL signals in feldspar contaminated samples.


Photon Timer attachment


The Photon Timer Attachment makes it possible to record when each individual photon is detected with very high time resolution (1 ns). This may be used  in connection with pulsed stimulation.

All detected photons are time-stamped with respect to the start of the preceding pulse.




Data acquisition is controlled by the Sequence Editor program, and the software program PTanalyse is used for analysing the Photon Timer data. From the list of arrival times PTanalyse calculates photon arrival time distribution curves and OSL decay curves with different gating intervals. All the post-processed data may be exported to BIN-files or CSV-files for further analysis.

18 DECEMBER 2018