This attachment comprises:

A beta irradiator modified to facilitate detection of light signal during irradiation. The beta source is lifted 7 mm, which reduces the dose rate to about half.

  • A Hamamatsu H7421-50 Photon counting head with spectral response 380-890 nm, thermoelectrically cooled
  • Lumatec liquid light guide (Transmission range of 350- 2000 nm)
  • Detection filter holder and Chroma D 900/100 interference filter (band pass : 850-945 nm FWHM)
  • Electronics for switching between counter input from RL PMT and standard PMT (built into Controller)
  • Power supply for Hamamatsu H7421-50 Photon counting head and thermoelectric cooler (built into the Risø Controller)
  • A powerful UV LED ( 395 nm, 10 W) placed in a special bleaching position that may be used to bleach the samples during a sequence

    The Sequence editor software supports a command for making RL data acquisition, and a program, RLanalyse, is supplied for analysing RL decay curves
18 DECEMBER 2018