Sample Camera


The sample camera allows you to make an automated recording of sample appearance after the luminescence measurements – for instance for purposes like this:

• Visual inspection after luminescence data collection
• Use of image analysis for determining e.g. number of grains, coverage area, grain size distribution, colour distribution

The Sample camera attachment is based on:
- TheImagingSource 1/2.5 " Micron CMOS 5Mp camera 
- Computar 3Mp f=25mm lens

The camera is mounted in a mechanical fixture that is vacuum tight, light tight and holds a diffuse light illumination system to assure proper white light illumination of the samples that are photographed. A driver for the illumination light is build into the Controller. The Sequence Editor includes a functions that allow you to set up and use the sample camera in data acquisition sequences.

The Sample Camera occupies the X-ray irradiator position, so the X-ray irradiator cannot be ordered together with the Sample camera attachment.