X-ray Fluorescence

This attachment allows you to estimate the composition of feldspar samples. The relative proportion of K-/Na/-Ca-feldspar is estimated as well as the possible Quarts contamination.


The XRF attachment consist of:

  • Amptek X-123 SDD Complete X-Ray Spectrometer (Si Drift 25 mm2 x 500μm / C1 Window / 1.5" Detector Extension / 2-Stage Cooler / Internal Multilayer Collimator)
  • Amptek MINI-X Miniature X-Ray Tube, High Voltage Power Supply and USB Controller (Gold (Au) target)
  • Sample cups specially made by molybdenum metal (200 sample cups will be delivered). 

  • Software:
    A special program for making the analysis of XRF data and converting this to position in the ternary diagram of K-/Na/-Ca-feldspar and giving estimated Quarts contamination.
  • Reference samples for making and maintaining the K-/Na/-Ca-feldspar calibration.

The standard data acquisition software, Sequence Editor, will include support for making data acquisition from the XRF unit

The attachment only works with vacuum established in the reader measuring chamber which means that the Vacuum pump and accessories should be ordered as well.
The XRF spectrometer occupies the alpha irradiator position, so the alpha irradiator cannot be ordered together with the XRF attachment.

16 JANUARY 2019