DTU Nutech operates a cobalt-60 irradiator.
The cobalt irradiator is used as local reference. It has a well defined (almost monoenergetic) photon beam and a highly stable dose rate.


Model: Terabalt T100 from UJP Praha, Czech Republic.

Radionuclide: cobalt-60  (~1.25 MeV gamma energies)

Half-life: 5.27 y

Dose rate: ~1 Gy/min @ 100 cm distance (2018).

Beam: Fixed horizontal beam.

Collimator: 5x5 cm2 to 40x40cm2.

Special features: Full computer control using the DTU scripting software (MELab).


The reference distance (1000.0 mm from the source) is realized using a micrometer.


Roos chambers and other plane parallel ionization chambers can be positioned at the iso-center line using a low-force indicator dial that previously has been set to zero using the optical telescope. The chamber can thereafter we moved 1.12 mm or 1.00 mm with the motorized xyz-stage in order to have the chamber at the desired reference point.




Claus E. Andersen
Head of section
DTU Nutech
+45 46 77 49 12