Medical luminescence dosimetry

DTU Nutech develops luminescence dosimetry aimed at applications within the field of medical physics. Our main method is based on OSL/RL readout of aluminium oxide crystals attached to optical optical fiber cables, but also organic scintillators are used. These point detectors are well suited for time-resolved in vivo measurements and they are currently used in projects on dose-verification during brachytherapy of cervical cancer patients.

Key features

  • Highly accurate and precise
  • Small detector size
  • Real-time readout
  • Large dynamic dose range
  • Two signals (one for dose rate and another for the integrated dose)
  • No stem effect with pulsed linear accelerator beams
  • Dosimeter probe is suitable for in-vivo measurements (e.g. no electrical wires)  


Claus E. Andersen
Head of section
DTU Nutech
+45 46 77 49 12