Teaching at DTU

DTU Nutech contributes to the following courses for students at DTU

Niveau  Titel Sprog Kursusnr.
BSc Energy resources Danish 12500
BSc Introduction to medical imaging Danish 31540
MSc Physics of Sustainable Energy English 10333
MSc Introduction to Radiation Physics English 10811
MSc Radiation dosimetry English 10812
MSc Computational radiation dosimetry English 10814
MSc Medical Imaging Systems English 31545
MSc Introduction to Biophotonics English 34430
MSc Optical biosensors English 34455
MSc Biomedical optics English 34550
MSc Medical use of radiation English KU180
MSc Radioactive Isotopes and Ionizing Radiation English KU181
Ph.d. PhD Course in Energy Technologies for a Sustainable Future (45800) English 10800


Courses for external participants

DTU Nutech offers a number of short courses including practical exercises at DTU Risø Campus for participants outside DTU: