25 NOV

Three departments to integrate DTU Nutech’s activities

In order to improve our framework for nuclear research—while strengthening other existing fields of research at the University—the DTU Executive Board has decided...

Photo: DTU
11 SEP

EUR 4.7 million to radical research ideas

Villum Fonden supports 53 new research ideas in their Villum Experiment programme. 18 grants were awarded to DTU researchers.

Photo: Mikal Schlosser
18 AUG

DTU instrument rewrites the history of mankind

Dating of Homo Sapiens findings in Morocco has been carried out by performing measurements using a luminescence instrument developed by DTU.

Earth sciences Geology Sensors Optics Physics
Photo: Büro Jantzen
10 JUL


Risø Campus Mechanical Workshop has just received a new CNC milling machine capable of simultaneous five-axis machining and which can handle larger and heavier items...

PhD student Nicolo Borghi, who is responsible for building the measuring instrument, with a sketch of the model for the new instrument. DTU’s cobalt source in the background. Photo: DTU Nutech
16 DEC

DTU to develop yet another instrument for new neutron research facility

DTU’s expertise in developing high-tech measuring instruments has led to yet another assignment for the neutron research facility ESS—European Spallation Source...

Physics Radioactivity
Photo: Joachim Rode
28 NOV

World Champions in radioactivity

Researchers at DTU Nutech develop and apply knowledge about radioactive substances and ionizing radiation. Nuclear technologies are put to uses as diverse as curing cancer...

Radioactivity Environment and pollution Radioactive pharmaceuticals and isotopes Medicine and medico technology Health and diseases Physics
Researcher Mayank Jain places a sample—in the form of sand grains—for analysis in an apparatus which can measure the luminescence of the material. It will help determine the age of the material. Photo: Mikal Schlosser
31 MAR

Taking the temperature of the underground

Researchers have now invented a quick way of reading the prehistoric temperature of the underground.

Radioactivity Geology Climate change
Researcher Mayank Jain from DTU Nutech at a TL/OSL reader. Photo: MIkal Schlosser.
18 MAR

The apparatus geologists love

DTU Nutech has for more than three decades developed, designed and sold an apparatus, which is especially popular among geologists worldwide for the dating of sediments...

Geology Climate change
20 OCT

Neutron microscope more powerful than ever

The world’s most powerful neutron microscope is being built in Lund. A team of nuclear researchers from DTU Nutech has contributed to improving the core of the future...

Quantum theory and atomic physics
12 OCT

Safe nuclear power

A nuclear power plant that cannot suffer meltdown, that can withstand the worst natural disasters and terrorist attacks, that does not produce radioactive waste needing...

Energy Power stations Energy production
Grønnegården, DTU
17 JUN

More than EUR 9 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research

DTU receives grants for 17 research projects from the Danish Council for Independent Research.

Photo: Vibeke Hempler
17 DEC

Two ERC grants goes to DTU

DTU researchers receive two out of 11 Danish ERC Starting Grants. The grants will be used for research in multidrug resistance and an improved method for the dating...

Biological systems Geology Bacteria and microorganisms
Photo: Joachim Rode
10 SEP

Traveller in radioactivity

Claus Bang probably has DTU’s most mobile job. 40 days a year, he is on the move, collecting samples to be examined for radioactivity.

Photo: DTU Nutech
20 MAY

World-class equipment for research into radiation therapy for cancer

The John & Birthe Meyer Foundation has donated DKK 18.7 million to finance investment in market-leading and state-of-the-art equipment for measuring doses in connection...

Medicine and medico technology

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