Research at DTU Nutech is focused on five fields:


Luminescence physics 

Research in luminescence physics aims at developing methods and instruments for retrospective dosimetry with applications in geo- and archaeochronology and radiation protection.
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Medical dosimetry research aims to support a safe and fast introduction of new advanced radiotherapy at hospitals, while industrial dosimetry research is focused on the development of dosimetry systems for radiation processing and radiation sterilization applications.
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Neutronics research aims at contributing to the design, operation, and safety of nuclear fission and fusion reactors and neutron spallation or other accelerator driven neutron sources. Of particular interest is ESS at Lund, Sweden, and ITER at Caderache, France.
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Medical isotopes

The overall aim of the research is to develop new radiopharmaceuticals for clinical human use. The research is based on a synergy between knowledge related to the GMP production of radiopharmaceuticals and fundamental disciplines within nuclear physics, radiochemistry, -biology and -pharmacy.
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Research in radioecology aims at developing methods and instruments for radiochemical analysis of low levels of man-made and naturally occurring radionuclides in the environment. The research includes oceanographic tracer studies and development of emergency management decision support systems.
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